Despite its diminutive size, the Maltese archipelago is bursting with historic sights, idyllic spots, culture and tradition. The Maltese Islands are like nowhere else. Here you’ll find fossil studded geo formations, prehistoric temples, intriguing diving opportunities, and a richly woven history of remarkable intensity.

Strategically located at the centre of the Mediterranean half way between Southern Italy and Northern Africa, the Maltese archipelago consists of three main islands that include Malta, Gozo, and the virtually uninhabited Comino.

For centuries, Malta has been considered a meeting point for a myriad of cultures and languages, and today has reaffirmed its importance as an ideal location for efficient business and cosmopolitan living.

Rich in history and tradition and dripping in culture and colour, Malta holds a significant role in Mediterranean history and has been intrinsically imprinted by several centuries of different civilisations.

Over the years, Malta has developed a significant service-based economy that is primarily concerned with tourism, ICT, financial services, and of course; remote gaming. In addition, together with Germany, Malta is deemed to be one of the only two European countries to have survived the financial crisis virtually unscathed.

Considered a safe home by many, Malta offers the security and protection expected from a global residence, along with the trade and investment at times expected from larger countries.