Preparing for a Job Interview? Here’s what you’ve been ignoring

Before a big game or sports performance, professional athletes are trained to visualise their success, to double (and sometimes triple!) check their equipment, and at times, to listen to their favourite soundtrack before heading out onto the field.   The minutes in the lead up to your job interview should be the same – they … Continued

Increase Your Productivity – 5 helpful tips and tricks to get more done in less

Productivity is the result of focussed efforts and smart planning. Being – and remaining productive at home or work can at times be a challenge. At the end of every workday, chances are that you’re not entirely satisfied with what you have accomplished – there always could have been that little bit more. I’ve thought … Continued

Think outside the box – 5 unconventional ways to land your dream job

It is no secret that there’s a huge difference between finding a job that pays the bills and landing a fulfilling career that makes you smile each morning. Nevertheless, many a time the distance between your job and your dreams can at times be miles apart.   The world has changed and technology has played … Continued

10 Top tips for your next interview

If you are preparing for your next job interview, these few hints will surely help you get in the right state-of-mind, so that you can leave a positive and lasting impression on the interviewers.   Do thorough research about the company Be on time (not too early!) Stay calm and focused Dress Appropriately Be Yourself Know … Continued

The 4th AML Directive within the Gaming Sector

‘How do we create a successful, compliant AML solution for our business?’ “It is a safe assumption that an increase in enforcement can be expected from the MGA, especially following the license suspensions of July, 2015 of several operators in relation to money laundering arrests made by the Italian authorities.” The prevention of money laundering … Continued