PTL International is a diversified portfolio of technology activities with a footprint in Central and Eastern Europe. Across its activities in various sectors and markets, the group enjoys high-level technological, operational, and management expertise, resulting in multi-level synergies.

Brought together in early 2014 to amass mission-critical capabilities, PTL International’s activities focus on Apple retail, business solutions, and e-commerce.

By partnering a range of best-in-class brands to deliver superior, innovative technologies, PTL International works to position itself among the leaders in its sectors in Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, and Romania.

The group’s ambitions are driven by a multicultural, expert knowledge base of 400 IT, sales and project management professionals across its international presence.

PTL International is the technology subsidiary of Hili Ventures, the holding company of a diversified Malta-headquartered group. Hili Ventures is engaged in multi-sited activities with McDonald’s and Apple; logistics; engineering; technology; and property.

Present in 9 countries across Europe with a team of 7,500 people, Hili Ventures is a proud partner of Allison, Apple, Cisco, CMA CGM, Hoffmann, IBM, Konecranes, Lenovo, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NCR, Terberg, Tranter, and other global brands.