Think outside the box – 5 unconventional ways to land your dream job

It is no secret that there’s a huge difference between finding a job that pays the bills and landing a fulfilling career that makes you smile each morning. Nevertheless, many a time the distance between your job and your dreams can at times be miles apart.


The world has changed and technology has played a big part in this, yet the hiring process has changed very little in the meantime, meaning that the way we post, apply and interview for jobs has pretty much remained unchanged.


Perhaps the first step in creating meaningful jobs is to rewrite the basic rules and create something extraordinary.


The following suggestions might take you by surprise, but on the other hand they might just be what you need to find your next dream job.


  1. Apply for a job that isn’t listed


Most of the best positions are filled in before they are posted to the public. Overall, the hiring process is an extremely tedious one and if there’s a remote possibility of bypassing it several employers are willing to take that risk. Connect with extraordinary people, bring your suggestions forward and don’t shy back from collaborating – next thing you know you might receive a call to let you know that a new position is open. I can’t stress how important networking actually is.


  1. Skills over charm


Master your current profession – become a pro and the job opportunities will continue to flow. No one is ever looking for someone mediocre; so don’t expect to stand out unless you’re really good at what you do. Companies are always on the hunt for individuals capable of delivering strong results – people who are not afraid to learn something new and go the extra mile. There’s a wealth of learning available out there both on and offline – make use of it, you never know when the next opportunity will knock at your door.


  1. Stop focusing on the money


I’ve always been a firm believer that if you’re really good, the money will find you. Identify a job that calls out to you and put yourself in the game – as the old saying goes, the rest will follow. If money is your only ambition expect to be feel bored, dissatisfied and unfulfilled faster than you can remember the lyrics of your favourite song from the 90s.


  1. Simple things go a long way


As simple as it sounds, gratitude is an excellent trait to master. Most people enjoy working with individuals who are positive, humble and genuine. Do your absolute best and if you feel as though you might have been slacking recently there has literally never been a better time to step up your game.


Happiness has very little to do with your current work situation – happiness is a state of mind so don’t expect to find or receive that from your boss or your colleagues. Bring happiness to the workplace and let it work its little magic from day to day.


  1. Social media is a tool not a lifestyle


Once you’ve uploaded your credentials it’s now time to get back to the real world. Monitor and limit the time you spend on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and allocate specific times of the day to this. Keep in mind that these platforms are not a job but a tool – a carpenter doesn’t live for his saw, he puts it work to build things; and so should you.